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Listening to art and its vibrations. Interview with Adriana Bencivinni.

Listening to art and its vibrations. Interview with Adriana Bencivinni.

di Elisabetta Roncati

“The conditions for creativity must be intertwined: we must concentrate. Accept conflicts and tensions. Be reborn every day. Feel a sense of self. "

Can an artist expresses himself in different fields?
Are painting, music and other artistic forms so far apart?
Absolutely not and this is what Adriana Bencivinni shows us. Undoubtedly one form of expression can prevail over the others, in Adriana's case is painting, but the creative gesture is indissolubly linked to other practices, such as music.
The Swiss artist, of Italian origins, creates compositions for piano and the music pieces accompany her pictorial process. Observing her paintings is the best way to get in touch with her poetics and her person, as she reveals herself in the next few lines.

E.R. Who is Adriana Bencivinni and how did she approach art? Tell us a bit about yourself and your path

A.B. I was born in Zurich in 1971 and grew up in the homonymous canton. Even as a child I loved drawing and painting, I loved music and took piano lessons. After many years of working in human resources management, I experienced a period of increased inner restlessness. I gradually realised that I had completely forgotten myself. The questions: "Who am I?", "What do I want?" have accompanied me constantly since then. I started painting during this difficult emotional phase (which continues to this day with its ups and downs), because it was the only thing that could motivate me and give me new energy. Since then, I have given free rein to my artistic inspiration and have matured further. The creation of artworks gives me the opportunity to recharge my batteries, focus on my inner self and the artistic process. Exposing myself with my art and sharing this process is not always easy, but I recognise it as the right way to undertake an inner and outer transformation.

E.R. Perhaps the best way to know your inner world is to admire your artworks. Is it true?

A.B. My artworks certainly show a part of my inner world. The paintings reflect my desire for harmony, freedom and the attraction I have for colours. I am inspired by nature, especially the seas, mountains and the underwater world. I try to bring an energy into the image that can be felt. But this is only a part of my inner world. I can express the melancholic side better by composing music.

E.R. To create your paintings, you use acrylic colours mixed with pastes, sand, marble dust, and many other elements. The techniques you use are very different: from pouring to spatula. Where did you learn to master such a rich variety of media?

A.B. I didn't follow any courses, initially I ventured out on my own, leaving a lot of space for improvisation. Later on, I read up on the various possibilities through the Internet, books and by visiting specialist shops, experimenting a lot. Most of the time I don't stick to the classic methods, but try out other mixtures and observe the results. However, there are still various methods I want to explore. This is one of the reasons why I love abstract art: it gives you the opportunity to create intuitively and with an immense freedom of expression.

E.R. The colours you use usually turn to blue, green and white. Pastel colours that are very often combined with titles ("Sealife", "Korallenmeer", "Rosa Sand", "Coral Bay") that recall water: seas and oceans. What are the reasons for these choices?

A.B. I have always been very attracted by the sea, its vastness, the feeling of freedom and infinity. I particularly love coral reefs, both in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. When I have the opportunity to snorkel on the reef, I feel a deep connection with this underwater world and this immense variety of corals and colourful aquatic creatures. You immerse yourself in another world.

E.R. The relationship between art and music is fundamental to your art journey. You compose piano music and symphonies accompany your painting process. How are the two creative worlds linked and what meaning do they have for you?

A.B. I started composing music on the piano when I was a teenager. I soon realised that it was easier for me to learn by ear than through sheet music. After 4 years of piano lessons, I stopped and for a while I almost didn't play anymore. About 20 years ago, I started composing again, not openly, but keeping this return to music a secret from the outside world. It was only after I embarked on the transformation path I mentioned at the beginning that I began to share some of my music with the people around me and to listen to my recordings while painting. This allowed me to express my feelings even more intensely on paper or canvas. Both creative worlds, the musical and the painting worlds, are interconnected, being vibrations that I feel flowing from within. They are a part of me and I could not renounce one or the other. They are both my language to express my being, my inner voice.

E.R. Can you describe us one of your artworks, exhibited on the Artsail platform, that best reflects your poetics and style?

A.B. The painting "CORAL BAY" reflects my poetics extensively. Hidden deep inside there are these colourful elements. At the same time there is calm and harmony as in the blue of the water, a kind of mixture of the fascination of nature and the energy of life, while at the same time resonating with a bit of melancholy. In the style, although abstract, you recognise a world immersed in a pervasive aquaticity.

E.R. Can you tell us about some of your future projects?

A.B. I would like to try sculpting again. Last year I had the opportunity to work with soapstone. The sculpture "Herz" is the result of an intense work, also an inner work. I also have some ideas about how to present my work in an exhibition in connection with my music. However, a lot of preliminary preparation is still needed.

Born in Genoa, Milanese by adoption, Elisabetta Roncati decided to combine her university education in economics and management with her passion for culture with a goal: bringing people closer to the art market in a clear, easily understandable and professional way. Interested in all forms of artistic and cultural expressions, contemporary and otherwise, she has two great passions: textile art and African art. As an art consultant, she firmly believes that culture has the power to transcend the boundaries of individual nations, creating a global community of art lovers. In 2018 he founded the registered trademark Art Nomade Milan that she uses to speak about art and culture on the main social media platforms.



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