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Barbara Lo Faro


Barbara Lo Faro

Drawing has always been her greatest passion, since she was a child, and also her best pastime. She graduated at the Koefia Fashion and Costume Academy in Rome.
Her family has had a theater tailoring atelier for generations, which collaborates with cinema, theater, television ... and therefore she has always breathed that kind of atmosphere ... among fabrics,
sketches, costume designers, colors.

The world of illustration, more than the fashion sketch, has always fascinated her, so much so that at the end of the 80s she collaborated with some drawings for the magazine "Fashion", based in Milan.

The instinctive drawing is what most characterizes her, above all with the biro pen, but also with ink ... another material that she prefers. The less she thinks, the more distracted she is, and the better the result is on paper. After a brief internship at the Maison Gattinoni in 1991 she began designing wedding dresses. This experience, probably the most successful, will culminate in the establishment of a brand: "Something blue", which will last until 2008 and which, she says without false modesty, has dressed hundreds of brides with truly unique, particular, fairy-tale dresses, of great craftsmanship and of which she is really proud.

In 2008 she ends the experience with wedding dresses, and begins to collaborate with the family activity, Costumearte, active for 30 years, where her support was needed. The experience of theatrical tailoring is completely different from that of the atelier, and her relationship with costume designers is very different from that with brides. Despite this, it involved her a lot, even on a creative level, since she also designed costumes, which feeds imagination and fantasy a lot. During the last few years she has always continued to draw and, when possible, to paint. At 50, the decision to devote herself completely to painting and illustration, her great passions that have always been…

Barbara Lo Faro is a self-taught artist. Drawing and painting are her main artistic expressions. Her work is primarily influenced by the figurative tradition of the 20th century, especially by the Austrian Expressionism of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. She seeks to rework and blend these influences with her own personal style, fused with postmodern techniques such as acrylic, ballpoint pen, charcoal and watercolor.

Her first love has always been the ballpoint pen, she scribbles everywhere, on any type of support, with her head in the clouds. Acrylic, charcoal, metallic pigments and oil pastels make up most of the techniques she uses for her works on canvas, fabric and cardboard. Watercolors and ink on paper, with their lightness and transparency, have recently taken over everything... but the final touch is almost always with a biro.



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