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Diederik van Apple


Diederik van Apple

Diederik van Apple was born in Leiden in 1985. As a young boy, he loved to watch classic movies and read Disney comic books. This is how the artist's seed was planted. In 2005 he entered the art world by working at an art gallery in Amsterdam. This fueled his creative fire and Diederik van Apple decided to make his fantasy a reality. The heroes of his childhood play an important role in many Diederik van Apple paintings and Diederik van Apple images.

Diederik van Apple's paintings and sculptures belong to modern Pop Art. The nostalgia of yesteryear is captured in a modern, cheerful and dazzling Diederik van Apple image and painting. Money plays a major role in both the paintings and Diederik van Apple sculptures. It shines in the form of golden credit cards with famous names and figures on them, as well as background. This together makes the Diederik van Apple paintings a feast for the eyes.

Diederik van Apple uses a special technique to give all Diederik van Apple statues and paintings a shiny appearance. The basis for many Diederik van Apple paintings and sculptures is aluminum or gold leaf. The next layer consists of glitters and holograms, giving the extra shiny dimension to the artwork. Then it's the turn for glossy blacks and pops of color. To finish it off, Diederik applies a layer of epoxy. The result is astonishing.



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