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Ernesto Fava


Ernesto Fava

We are free to move, free to communicate, free to work where and how we want, at the best price, for the best offer. We are free to express ourselves but in the permitted characters, we are free to show ourselves but with the right filters, free to share politically correct images of our body, in an immense, exhilarating universe connected by smiles, travels, songs, sunsets, poses, ballets, aperitifs , joy, freshness, life advice, happiness. We run all day every day in a whirlwind and frenetic search for goals, achievements perfecting our skills in a virtual universe of qualifications, sponsors, contracts, tutorials, make-up done to please everyone else, everyone. What if, suddenly, the world as we know it were to freeze. And if, suddenly, people we don’t know started dancing with us, wildly looking into each other’s eyes, touching each other, tearing off their clothes, coloring their faces with spots of red, blue, green, ochre, black. And if all the animals that surround us danced with us, and if all the nature that surrounds us united in a tribal rite of rebellion, free from the filters of humanity, breaking all the chains and tearing all the ropes that bind us to the constant , repetitive, exhausting and excruciating search for appreciation from the rest of the world. Truly free, commanded by our deepest instinct. Men, animals, plants, stars, planets, tuned to the pulsations of our feelings, from our most hidden wills. Instinct, Istinto, an anarchic and wild reunion with the beating heart of our naturalness. A sensual and melancholy gaze at the moon, the joyful rediscovery of a lost serenity. A fierce hunt for our intimate pleasures in the fierce and exhilarating self-discovery, in the search for an ancient and new community. Let’s dance, dance, dance, trampling on the hypocrisy that subtly dominates this false humanity.



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