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Fred Meurice


Fred Meurice

Fred Meurice was born in 1986 and trained as a graphic designer. He therefore also started his career as a designer and mainly worked in the advertising industry. However, it didn't take long before he started using his talent and creativity to create the typical Fred Meurice paintings and sculptures. You will certainly see the advertising profession in Fred Meurice images and paintings. But performed completely in his own way and with love.

The theme of Fred Meurice's paintings and sculptures is the love he combines with iconic pop culture objects. As a result, Fred Meurice turns the iconic Chanel bottle into a very contemporary Fred Meurice painting. Or do you see a heart, which consists entirely of butterflies. He uses all kinds of different materials for his paintings, such as wood, resin and acrylic paint. Fred Meurice statues also consist of these materials, combined with plexiglass and aluminum. This creates the typical Fred Meurice statue or painting, which you keep looking at.

The artist takes the inspiration for every Fred Meurice sculpture and painting from everyday life and the wide range of cultural references offered by our modern society. His works therefore belong to the modern Pop Art style. The bright colors of the artworks and the modern techniques that Fred Meurice uses to create a work of art ensure that every Fred Meurice painting and image is unique and controversial.



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