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Hayo Sol


Hayo Sol

During his studies at the Amsterdam School of Arts, Hayo Sol mainly focused on abstract art, until he came into contact with Popart. This style attracted his attention so much that Hayo went to study in New York. A Hayo Sol painting is not a pop art copy from the 1950s. He brings his own style to this genre through his use of color and the application of three-dimensionality. We do see many famous people in the Hayo Sol paintings.

Hayo Sol portrays style icons such as Princess Beatrix, Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, Salvador Dalí and Marlon Brando in his artworks. His own developed Pop Art style is fully reflected in every painting. Each painting is hand painted and sometimes decorated with gold and Swarovski crystals for added glamour. Hayo Sol paintings are sometimes executed in black, white and gray tones, at other times in playful colors that splash off the canvas.

Pop art often appears two-dimensional. Hayo Sol brings a third dimension to this style. In a Hayo Sol painting, the emotions of the portrayed people are included. They look at you or look away. That's what makes it so intriguing to look at these modern paintings. Hayo Sol paintings are controversial and brighten up any interior, both modern and classic. In fact, as an artist he is way ahead of his time and he already paints modern classics that you keep looking at.



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