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Michal Jackowski


Michal Jackowski

Born in Bialystok, Poland, in 1978

“Classicism is the universal language of art, a timeless code”

Michal Jackowski graduated in Sculpture Restoration at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and during university he practised his skills on marble and bronze sculpting. Alongside his artistic projects, Jackowski boasted extensive experience in the reconstruction of baroques sculptures, in making high quality copies of Masters and creating his own compositions on public and private commission.

Deeply connected to the tradition of Antiquity, Michal unites classical elements and the modern mythology of consumerism symbolised by speech balloons, chewing gums and The Beatles lyrics, generating a deeply surprising and contrasting relationship between tradition and modern times. Furthermore, the artist focuses his research on people, their spiritual condition and interpersonal relations by bringing out eternal questions that we all need to confront. Classical aesthetics and antique elements are combined with pop-culture references that encourage the viewers to not only reflect on themselves but also on their connection with both the past and the present.

Michal Jackowski is actually working on two ongoing series: “Antique Games” and “Circles of Life”. In “Antique Games” the artist combines timeless, classical aesthetics and modern and pop-art elements. The principal subjects of his artworks are female or male figures that can relate to the idea of beauty personified by Aphrodite or narcissism embodied by ancient god Apollo. These characters also represent non-identified subjects that constantly deal with everlasting problems and need to confront spiritual and moral questions of today as in the past.
In “Circles of Life” the artist explores the human body and the spiritual and emotional bond between a woman and a man: Michal represents two figures in a melancholic pose that strive to overcome the distance between each other. This couple also symbolizes the everlasting energy between feminine and masculine elements in nature.

Michal Jackwoski is constantly growing and emerging in the European artistic scene.
Amongst other exhibitions, the artist exhibited his works at the Opera House and the Your art Maison gallery in Poland and during the exhibition “Le Cinque Anime della Scultura” at Como Lake in Italy. Michael has also participated in renowned international fairs as the Art Basel and the ZurichArt International Art Fair, and he has been awarded several times during Artrooms Fair in London and Rome and the International Art Biennale in Florence.



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