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Monica Kirchmayr


Monica Kirchmayr

Monica Kirchmayr was born in Trieste in 1975, she attended the Institute of Art E.U. Nordio obtaining the title of Master of art and
the art high school diploma in 1996 and she immediately took her first steps in art, gaining acclaim.
In 2002 she presented her first personal exhibition "Pensieri Liberi", followed by many others and other international ones in London, Rome, Nice, Genoa.
In 2004 she inaugurated her showroom in Trieste with the permanent exhibition of her works, a landmark for the artist.
From 2005 she began her career as a stage painter for national film productions arriving in Trieste, her debut was in the film directed by the well-known director Giuseppe Tornatore entitled "The unknown". At the same time, the artist also works as a set designer for the theatrical companies of the region.
In 2016 she began her participation in artistic events dedicated to artist installations presenting her "Interferenze", "Bidimensio" and "The Tree of Thoughts" and "Through Nature".
She is currently preparing the works for a personal exhibition dedicated to confirming her own pictorial style, brand, artistic identity, all dedicated to the word THROUGH.
Her works appear through a suspended gaze in a limbo of emotionality and disturbance given by the mirroring geometries crossed by naturalistic subjects, creating a harmony between the elements even if they are in total contrast to each other.
Making the impossible possible.



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