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“The old Modern and Contemporary Art world model based on a vertically structured paradigm where the artist is placed at the top of the pyramid and the consumer at the bottom has become increasingly irrelevant artistically and commercially as the new culture creation-consumption dynamic is now horizontal in nature.” Robodrone

Mr Rebec/Robodrone is a successful multidisciplinary artist and songwriter/producer (distributed by INgrooves via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon).

Robodrone’s new class of social media enabling artworks, has its roots in Music, he is the creator of tracks such as ‘Download My Heart’ a ‘modernspeak’ lyrics, expressed to celebrate the transformative social changes of the ongoing new Cultural Revolution. Facebook’s music news page, took note of the new politically-inspired tracks by highlighting the arrival of genre Alt-Rap led by Shoutout FemRap and exemplified by the track Hashtag Queens. The music video with lyrics of Hashtag Queens was viewed by over 6 million people according to Facebook Analytics. This success prompted Robodrone to compile a book of Hashtag Memes using images and phrases to expand on the lyrics of the song thereby giving people yet more perspective to navigate the New Era. The book was published via Apple and Amazon books.

Robodrone has also created a novel style comic book ‘Hasthtag Queens Task Force’ that illustrates social responsibility and animal protection via a dynamic trio of young women using martial arts and a flying AI car with the mission to solve out dangerous situations. The comic book was published in a limited hard copy edition as well as in digital editions via Apple and Amazon.

Few years ago, Robodrone started experimenting with different vehicles that could serve as platforms of self-expression. Reflecting over the absence of awareness from the Art World of the revolutionary changes taking place in social behaviour, Robodrone set about creating a new artistic vehicle: Turned to both the Renaissance artist Botticelli: The Birth of Venus and to the magnificent designed sculptures by jeweller Faberge for inspiration, Robodrone creates his “Hashtag Queens throne”, a coronation styled throne where every woman becomes democratically royal.

The “Hashtag Queens throne” is a new form of artwork that encouraged and enabled the public to step up onto the throne to create Instaperformances as works of art and share it simultaneously with people in their immediate vicinity as well as around the world via selfies and video snaps multicast onto Social Media accounts of friends and strangers for comment and feedback. Hashtag Queens throne is the first example of where art is not a traditional top-down, vertical but rather a horizontal, interactive, contributive experience. ‘Instaperformance Art’, is made possible by networked multicasting communications technology and Social Media cultural practices and it represents the modern fusion of traditional decades of old ‘installation art’ and ‘performance art’.

Facebook and Twitter have taken on loan the “Hashtag Queens throne” and have it currently displayed at their headquarter in London as well as the exclusive ChinaWhite Club in London. Since its debut “Hashtag Queens throne” has been published at various influential social media accounts.



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