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Studio Fornaresio


Studio Fornaresio

Torino, Italia

Studio Fornaresio operates in the contemporary art sector, sells and produces graphic works by great artists.
The collection of Studio Fornaresio is eclectic and open to artistic expressions that come from different histories and cultural worlds: from the informal Vedova and Ruggeri to Veronesi's abstract geometry, from conceptual Boetti and Carena to the mythical Mondino, from American pop Selden to "colorful" pop Italian, from the figurative-informal Pedretti to the poetic Munari, from the irony of Baj to the light of Guccione.
In addition to these undisputed masters, Studio Fornaresio has also produced young artists: the hyperrealist Fissore, Haka with his sensual and captivating female figures and the painter Barovero.
A requirement common to all the works produced by Studio Fornaresio, considered indispensable and a priority, is quality. Most of the "graphics" are printed by Alberto Serighelli (known in the sector nationally) in whose highly equipped and sophisticated printing house it is possible to create and combine all the techniques giving credit to the various artistic expressions.
A characteristic of Studio Fornaresio, which at first sounded like a sort of design virtuosity, is that of having created large-format works that can be divided into several sections, each having an autonomous meaning even taken individually.
Artists such as Barovero, Carena, Fissore, Haka and Selden, who found this idea interesting, "thought" and created works on which it was possible to do this, "cut" them and have a decomposable work where each piece preserves and conveys an autonomous meaning.
If sometimes faced with contemporary art seen in museums or at biennials we ask ourselves where we could place these unquestionably particular works in our home, this problem does not arise when faced with the graphic works produced by Studio Fornaresio.



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