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Donna Wise / Mapping Worlds

30” x 36”

Acrylic on canvas


Size: 76.2 cm X 91.4 cm
Period: 2019




Artist Donna Wise from Toronto, Canada, is inviting you into the delicacy of contemporary abstract art. Her abstractions, painted on a very vivid, bold, and deep-colored background, seem like silk laces. It is a highly delicate, almost fragile approach to abstract art. However, Donna also shows her power and strength with massive and forceful long brushwork, which with mastery are intertwined with that dainty elegancy. Donna is creating an illusion of movement, as spirals and ripples appear on her canvases quite often. Some of her art pieces seem to have no beginning and no end, allowing the viewer to experience an eternity of beauty, while other paintings are more controlled, leading the viewer into the different parts of the artwork to follow the story of color, of brushstrokes and art.


DONNA WISE is a Toronto-based contemporary/abstract artist who has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States. Her acrylic paintings are large, bold, fluid, and full of energetic confidence. For a number of years, she was a docent at both the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. By invitation, she was involved in art auctions for the Canadian Opera Company, National Ballet, Royal Ontario Museum, and Baycrest Hospital.

Apart from canvases in private collections in Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Miami, and Tel Aviv, her work can be found in the board room of the Ontario Parliament Building and the lobby of the Elgin Theatre in Toronto, as well as in many corporate collections including those of the Four Seasons Hotel, Baycrest Hospital, and Equitable Trust among many others.

She was awarded an individual creative grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 1985, and she is a life member of The Society of Canadian Artists, Carfac, and WAAC.


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