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Società intollerante


Riccardo Zancano / Società intollerante

In "Società intollerante" the two eagles in the center of the painting invite us on a reflection on the intolerance and dissatisfaction of society which increasingly push individuals to clash with each other. The two birds of prey compete for a fragment of red glass placed in the center: seemingly precious but in reality devoid of value, it represents venality and avarice. The eye of Horus stands out above and invests the two eagles with its golden rays; it also covers with a further symbolic evocation the red glass fragment, which has a pyramidal shape typical of Egyptian tombs. The raw amber that covers some tree trunks represents the constant rise of human decay while the fragments of white Agate below in the snow, represent that part of society untouched by repression and evil.

Size: 80 cm X 100 cm
Period: 2020




Riccardo Zancano was born in 1971 in Trieste. His first approach to the art world came at the end of the nineties through objects and jewellery design. In 2000 he began to attend gemology and gem cutting courses. After two years he moved to Valenza Po: here he achieved the title of “Maestro d’Arte” in “Art of semiprecious stones and gems” at the “B. Cellini” art Institute.
In 2006 he opened a private laboratory for gem cutting in Trieste. In 2007 he focused his artistic production on painting, with a preference for hyperrealism-surrealism, but also on cinema and theatre. He then focused on developing his gem cutting and oil painting techniques. He attended drawing courses at the Accademia del Fumetto in Trieste where he refined his charcoal, sanguine and acrylic techniques on cardboard. From 2015 he took part in collective exhibitions and prestigious international contests.
Through his artworks Zancano describes every aspect of the contemporary society by highlighting its qualities and imperfections. His subjects are quite often allegories attributable to ornithological figures while the use of golden pigments is frequent. A distinctive feature of Zancano's production is the application of inserts in precious stones whose processing is performed entirely by the artist and to which precise meanings are attributed.


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