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Niki Guru


Niki Guru

Niki Guru is a young artist.
Born in Finland in 1998, he lived in Greece; he lives in Spain.
Her has no expectation of comments or remarks...
He expresses himself freely like a few others according to the principles of a raw, singular and particularly expressive art.
However, this expression is not naive, it grabs us¡¡

“By this we mean works executed by people without artistic culture, in which therefore mimicry, contrary to what happens among intellectuals, has little or no part, so that their authors draw everything from it (subjects, choice of materials used, means of transposition, rhythms, ways of writing, etc.) from their own background and not from the clichés of classical art or fashionable art. We witness the pure, raw artistic operation, reinvented in all its phases by its author, based solely on his own impulses. Art therefore where the sole function of invention is manifested, and not those, constant in cultural art, of the chameleon and the monkey. »
— Jean Dubuffet, Brut art preferred to cultural arts, 1949



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