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Surita Tandon


Surita Tandon

There is something child-like in her art. She plays the I dare game with her brush strokes that defy all forms and notions. Seduction for her is a synonym for woman power and colors a weapon of mass seduction. Surita Tandon, a self taught artist is the only real face to pop art in India, an artist who swerves dexterously from abstract to the definitive blending the two realms into one colorful canvas.
Someone who exudes a great sense of style in her own persona, Surita Tandon emerges as the voice of today combining the two very exuberant forums of art and fashion into one seamless artistic idiom. A diva in the real sense herself, Surita, mother, wife and a protagonist of the accomplished, contemporary woman, believes that art is like delving deep into yourselves and creating a reflection of your own soul on canvas.
Born and brought up in the culturally enriched city of Kolkata, Surita took to art at a very young age. As a young thinking mind she was influenced by the icons of her time: Madonna, Marilyn Munroe, and Eva Peron. A keen fashionista she captured the effervescence of labels and design in her young mind. And it is these influences that she pours out on her canvas for POPSICLES, her second solo show that takes her art, fashion forward by leaps and bounds.
Keenly interested in the evolution of Pop art globally with its Indian imprints, Surita, for this show traces its influence in various art forms. She visualizes how it changed the color, texture and verbal language of advertising, cinema, décor, graphic art, music, fashion and off course jewelry design. The latter being the mainstay of this show as Surita explores three-dimensional art with a bejeweled canvas. Visions of ethereal looking divas clad in strings of crystals pop up to create the right ripple.
The artist collaborates with the not for profit promotional initiative of Openspace Jindal Foundation for Development creating a signature series inspired by the very vibrant hues of the Indian flag.
In her own words Popsicles is, “My way of presenting the omnipresence of pop art in the modern world and how it has quietly influenced most contemporary, creative forums. Pop art is an expression of irreverence. Yet it is an art most reverent to humanity and the notion of how we the people like to see life. In this show I depict everyday life of the plebeians like a satrangi biopic, a real life in Eastman colors!”
Surita Tandon is an established young popular Pop art artist of India , the Pioneer of pop art on canvas . She was born in Calcutta , graduated from Loreto College and Masters in Mass communication , New Delhi . She has done a number of group shows and has held 8 solo shows . She plays with a range of acrylic and oil paints ,different media including sand, metal, crystals and beads . Her canvas are larger than life and holds a kaleidoscope of colours .Surita's major achievement is the recognition of her art by Shri Narender modiji , where her India Shining painting was personally received by him and now is in the PMO.
Surita had come up with a coffee table book POPSICLES ,which was received well with all art critics and art collectors . She has participated in Khushi art Shows , Harvest annual Shows by arushi arts, Devotion by Art positive and has held group shows in Alliance Francaise Delhi and Mumbai , Lodhi art festivals etc She has participated in art shows in Los Angeles , USA , affiliated with Arushi Arts .

She held an Art show called 2xfaces on December 9th , 2015 along with a fashion show at the prestigious Indigo , One Golden mile , New Delhi .
The most recent SOLO art show that she did was EXPRESSIONS at the LEELA KEMPINSKI on SEPT 2017 and was a total sell out!!
She is an active fitness enthusiast and enjoys playing with creativity in interior home designing . Surita has designed the Farmhouse of the ambassador of Uganda, sultanpur and nirvana Spas .



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