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The pink snake


Carlotta Baldazzi / The pink snake

Limited edition 1/10 - printed on Espon photo paper Baryta 325 gr. - Certificate of autenticity by the artist and certification of the Digigraphie print.


Dimensioni: 54 cm X 40 cm X 1 cm
Periodo: 2021


Biografia dell'artista


Carlotta Baldazzi "Daughter of art", father painter and mother artist and owner in the 70s of one of the first Milanese temples of vintage "Il Baule", a meeting place for artists and actors, where exhibitions of paintings and events are organized with great exponents of the avant-garde art such as Guido Crepax, Maria Mulas and others. Philippe Daverio, Milan's councilor for culture, had called the Baule Galleria metropolitan.
From an early age, Carlotta lived between colors and vernissages, drawing and experimenting with imaginative techniques. By actively participating in the preparation of exhibitions and subsequently, starting to exhibit some of his works.
Carlotta attends the school of art, painting and sculpture. Then later the School of Design, where he specializes in designer of objects, clothing, interior design, drawing on fabric and more.
In 2004, he defied fate and with only 100 original garments he made his debut in a trendy district of Milan, with his Dragoncella brand, clothes as unique as works of art, success was immediate and appeared in many fashion magazines Muse magazine, Italian knitwear. , Milano Extraordinary and others.
In 2012 he concluded his experience with fashion, converting his ironic and stylized figures into paintings, exhibiting them in a solo show at the Spazio Tadini casa Museo, with an amazing result.
Since 2014 it has evolved further and dedicated to the discovery of new forms of art, such as three-dimensional abstract sculpture, photography, photo collage and digital painting.
Chosen in 2022 by the Mediterranium Collection of the Med Photo Fest.
Carlotta has participated in various national and international events: Artissima 2014, Progetto Maionese (the world of women) 2009, Fondazione Manfredi 2006, Groff & C. personal curated by Tizian Groft 2012, Casa Museo Spazio Tadini personal curated by Melina Scalise and Francesco Tadini 2015 , selected as the selected by Artsper as best artist 2016, Teseo Arte 2016, Studio Bazzini 15 art 2016, Sator cultural association 2015, Subcity Gallery 2016, Staff Le Trottoir 2018, Banca Azimut 2018, Rome Art Week 2017, Sant'Agostino Church 2017 , EnPlein Air and Mupi (Pinerolo system Museums) personal curated by Elena Privitera 2018, Musep, project Corixart Lacci 2020 curated by Cristina Fusi Montisci and Paride Rosa, Docks Dora Turin un (d) ici 2021, L'Arca degli Esposti curated by Eliana Urbano Raimondi 2021, ArteSuite 2021, A.Forart 2021, Galleria Meera 2021, Revenart 2021, exhibition Luca Art Gallery 2021, Between spaces art gallery curated by Sha Ovidor 2021, Luka art gallery exhibition until 2022.

Permanent collections: ArteSuite (Holland), Space Tadini house Museum (Milan), Groff & C. (Milan)

Reference gallery on Istagram: @ a.forart_com @artesuite @artsail @ravenart_ @lukaartgallery @galleriameera





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