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Ennio Cervi


Ennio Cervi

Ennio Cervi was born in Trieste, in 1936.
After being a student of the Liceo Petrarca, a grammar high school, he graduated in Architecture at the University of Venezia.He is a freelancer, and lives and works in Trieste.
Thanks to his father, an architect, since his youth he met and attended a lot of artists, painters and sculptors.

He was able to see Dino Predonzani, Zoran Music, Marcello Mascherini, Sormini, Titz and Nino Perizi at work.
From the 60s up to now, he's been taking part in personal and collective expositions, on a national and international level; in this period he met Enzo Cogno, Vittorio Porro and Livio Schiozzi.

He was a successful architect, and one of his most important projects was the restoration of the foiba of Basovizza in 2005.

Like a loyal friend, the sea is always present in the painter’s works.

This passion for the see had its roots in his childhood when his maternal grandfather used to take him for a walk along the city shores.He never lost this habit: over time the scene became populated with torpedoed and non-torpedoed ships from the Second World War, which he brings back to life in his works.
As a seafaring man, Cervi succeeds in making people perceive the perfume of the breeze just by looking at his paintings.

Another indefinite but persistent presence is the line of the horizon, which he uses to create a relation between the colours on the canvas.
His techniques allow him to instantly recreate on canvas moments and floating thoughts.
In this way, he offers us the vision of His horizon and gives us a chance to find our one.



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